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  1. Elvis Gold Lame Suit

  2. Elvis Presley Rock'n'Roll Clock Legs

  3. Elvis Presley Sun-Shine Tote Bag

  4. 68' Full Size Poster

  5. Elvis Key Chain oblong Pink Caddy

  6. Elvis 'Always' Pink Mug

  7. Elvis Presley Purple Sunglasses 

  8. Elvis Profile Luggage Tag

  9. Elvis Cup & Saucer Set
  10. Elvis Presley Magnet Set

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The Elvis Memories Shop >  Collectible Beanie Bears

Limited Treasures' from the USA a company that releases collectible beanie bears to commemorate various people that are important in the history of the USA. Of course, Elvis deserves his own series of collectible bears. Each bear measures 20cm.

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