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  1. Elvis Gold Lame Suit

  2. Elvis Presley Rock'n'Roll Clock Legs

  3. Elvis Presley Sun-Shine Tote Bag

  4. 68' Full Size Poster

  5. Elvis Key Chain oblong Pink Caddy

  6. Elvis 'Always' Pink Mug

  7. Elvis Presley Purple Sunglasses 

  8. Elvis Profile Luggage Tag

  9. Elvis Cup & Saucer Set
  10. Elvis Presley Magnet Set

Distance Selling Regulations

We adhere to The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (SI 2000 No. 2334).

The purpose of the Directive is to increase consumer confidence and so strenghthen the single European market by providing an agreed minimum level of consumer protection throughout the EC. The aim of the cooling off period is to give consumers an opportunity to examine the goods or services being offered, as they would have when buying in a shop.

The Regulations apply to contracts for goods or services to be supplied to a consumer where the contract is made exclusively by means of distance communication, that is any means used without the simultaneous physical prescence of the consumer and the supplier (regulations 3 and 4).

The Regulations do not apply to those distance contracts excluded by regulaton 5(1), such as contracts relating to the supply of financial services, nor do they apply to business to business transactions.

Office of Fair Trading

To view the full Distance Selling Regulations click here
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